Saturday, August 21, 2010

pretty ruffles

my first refashion!
thrift store findgrey shirt refashion
this shirt was a woman's medium light cotton shirt. i picked it up because i thought it had potential with the ruffles on the placket, but it was a little bit too big and absurdly long. i couldn't figure out at first if it was supposed to be a tunic or a dress. i used the Sew U shirt pattern to cut a new shirt-tail hem.

i added tucks to the front and darts and smocking to the back to bring it in a bit at the sides. i should've lowered the tucks and i did a really crap job on the smocking because i forgot to change feet on my sewing machine but luckily it's not super noticeable. it might have also helped to add bust darts. it's not perfect but not horrible for a first attempt.

i also pressed and hand stitched the cuffs so that they won't roll. i absolutely hate it when they won't stay nicely folded.

there are more of these refashioned button-downs coming down the pipeline because it's a rather large hole i have in my wardrobe but i don't love making them from scratch.
Simplicity 2343 and grey shirt refashion
Pattern: Simplicity 2343, view B
Size: 12
Fabric: white corduroy from my mom's stash, about a yard of 60" wide, with pink/white gingham scraps for the waistband facing and pockets
Mods: I shortened it by 3 inches or so
Simplicity 2343 and grey shirt refashion
i really like this skirt pattern. i love the pocket ruffles but i don't know how many times i'd go back to them. i would definitely revisit the unadorned pockets. maybe it's just me but i feel like pattern instructions have gotten a lot more clear lately. the only problem i had was with knowing where i was supposed to topstitch the skirt vent, but i eventually figured it out.

i used the acufeed foot on this skirt with its many heavy layers and it worked pretty well. i hemmed it by hand after having issues with the blind-hem foot. i probably should have lined this one, but honestly i doubt i'll wear it much. it's a heavy corduroy--more appropriate for winter, but i rarely wear skirts in the winter. i do like it though. it might be good with tights.

i am already thinking about using this pattern again as a base for a fly-front cargo skirt. i think it should work well.

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