Tuesday, August 03, 2010

oh goody

Abby received her package from my birthday giveaway, so i can show what i sent.
Apron from One Yard Wonders
This apron is from One Yard Wonders. i can't recall if i talked about this book before, but it has a huge variety of easy projects. it's a really great book for gifts. i used a combo of quilting fabrics from my stash, including one of my favorites, the odd duck. seriously--how cute is the yellow bird amongst the white ones?
50/50 merino/tencel from winderwood farms
i tried handpainting fiber for the first time. i used highly concentrated acid dyes and a pair of bamboo chopsticks. i think this would be a good method for using a wide variety of colors without getting mud, but i wanted to limit myself for this particular fiber. the black broke a little bit so there's hints of brown, but otherwise it turned out ok.

i'm relieved that the package made it to Abby unscathed. i always have a bit of anxiety when mailing stuff out--maybe because i'm anal and don't trust other people not to screw things up. is anyone else like that too?


  1. I love that Odd Duck fabric as well. Super cute! Your hand-painted fiber looks awesome.

  2. Cute apron! I love the combination of fabrics you used!

  3. The duck/swan fabric is too cute! And yes, I get like that when mailing stuff, too. And you should see how much tape I use.

  4. I love that apron - and funny enough, I've used all 3 of those exact fabrics in aprons for me & my friends! :) (I love One Yard Wonders too, although I did the apron from Simple Sewing)



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