Friday, August 06, 2010


of course it represents many of the things that are currently wrong with humanity, but spicy and i just finished netflixing season 1 of Jersey Shore, and we are OBSESSED. i think i want to go as Snooki for Halloween, because we're the same height. i might need some help in the poof department, though, as my hair won't tease. and please don't ruin anything for season 2. spicy and i will be about a year behind, and it's really hard to avoid spoilers on the internet.

speaking of which, the other 2 things i do my best to avoid spoilers for are Inception and the new season of Mad Men. if you knew how many gossip and entertainment sites i read on a daily basis, you would know how hard it is to avoid these things. c'est la vie.

i hate cucumbers, but i love pickles (like Snooki!). i recently started making my own using the tips here. i've made my own brine, but i also did the lazy method of sticking cucumber slices in leftover pickle juice from the store. it actually works really well. spicy and i hope to start growing our own cucumbers next year but for now the public market is our supplier.

during my week off i'm hoping to trek to the salvation army to look for treasures. i've been inspired by clevergirl, who really knows how to refashion old men's shirts. i'm also really interested in this shirt-to-skirt tutorial.

knitpicks has a new merino/cashmere blend yarn that looks scrumptious. they also have spinning stuff! the only fiber i'm kind of tempted by is the merino/silk, but i might splurge on the 2yd niddy noddy. the PVC one i have is A) broken and B) one and two-thirds of a yard, which is a really stupid length. i'm getting tired of having to multiply by 1.67 all the time.

CMF just posted their exotic fiber club details. it looks amazing and a pretty good deal for what you get, but i'm going to have to resist. i just bought a sewing machine--i think i'm through splurging for awhile. i will have to live vicariously through others.

have a great weekend!

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  1. I love Jersey Shore, too! I don't have cable but when I visit my mom on the weekends, I watch saved episodes... It's so hilarious! I have no idea what season is what though, so I won't ruin anything by saying "My favorite episode..." and "did you see-!?"

    Btw, I'm now following your blog for a few reasons. (1) You are a fellow Rochestarian, (2) I also want to live on a farm/homestead XD, and (3) Matchstick Socks. Hope you don't mind!



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