Friday, September 03, 2010

linkaritas and a country girl

SSS 09/03
today's outfit: vogue 7416 in yellow linen, made way back in 2005

purchased scarf belt

thrift store find
shirt started out as a woman's L. the shirt wasn't obscenely huge and the fabric is a lovely soft cotton/linen blend. i wanted a very simple refashion late last night. i cut off the sleeves and hemmed the armholes. i shortened the hem straight across--i was too lazy to do a shirt-tail hem. i also had to remove the bottom button in the shortening process. i drew a line 2" in from the side seams and stitched wrong sides together, and then pressed and stitched on the inside to make a french seam. i got a little overenthusiastic about taking it in on the sides. it's a little tighter than is ideal but it's still wearable. spicy says my outfit today makes me look like a "pretty country girl." i think that's a compliment. i'm going to take it as such, anyway.

in other news, it's link day! i am currently obsessed with the Japanese sewing books, Drape Drape and Drape Drape 2. not all of the designs are wearable for non-model types but ooh, the ones that are! i especially like the outfit on the left and the skirt on the right from DD2 and I LOVE this dress from DD1. i enjoy wearing knits and i think i would get a decent amount of use out of these two books. i haven't bought them yet but i hope to soon.

speaking of japanese books, i've had Simple Chic for quite awhile but i haven't used it much. i should get it out and try something new. there are several cute designs in it, like this dress which somehow simultaneously reminds me of the 40s and early 90s romantic floral dresses.

i've seen this cardigan pattern many times in my browsings but was never grabbed by it. i'm not really into the super long cardigan style and i'm worried that the drape front cardigan look can be aging. but when i saw green apples' version i started to change my mind. after browsing the dkny website i can see the potential. i like the ones that look more like a wrap sweater. i'm still not altogether convinced that this pattern is right for me but i'm definitely considering it.

i just discovered this blog which has amazing photo tutorials. great for those of us who need pictures to get it right! i did a quick glance and i'm already intrigued by the welt pocket, sleeve placket and cuffs, and collar info. i really could've used this when i was working on my JJ blouse. which i still haven't finished. but hopefully i will this weekend.


  1. Darn it! That collar tutorial I can't get the pictures to show up. I hope that's a work-computer thing and not a home-computer thing!

  2. Very cute outfit!



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