Thursday, August 05, 2010

In da club

i'm still not in spinning mode, but evidently that hasn't stopped me from collecting more fiber. I did skip July of the Crown Mountain Farms club, because it was merino, and I don't exactly need 4 more ounces of merino in my life.
CMF August Masham
CMF August Fiber Club, Masham in Eyes of Truth

i read on ravelry somewhere that masham is similar in feel to a cross between romney and wensleydale. i'd say that seems pretty accurate. i love the turquoise colors, and i was thinking about dyeing up some fiber in similar shades for lace, so maybe i'll just spin this instead. not anytime soon, probably.

there's some talk on the CMF board of doing a luxury fiber club. i should probably stay far far away from this, but it sounds very tempting.


  1. I don't like Romney fiber, and am not crazy about Wensleydale either, so a blend of those two does not appeal to me, but the colors are lovely. I tried to reduce the amount of fiber clubs I'm in, just to add two new ones, so I'm up to 4 fiber clubs again. :o) It's hard to NOT buy fiber!

  2. Ooh, pretty. I love that color.

  3. I opted in for CMF for this month only (I had a $15 pay pal credit). I picked the surprise color. I take it you didn't, because that's not the color I got! LOL! I'm still on the fence about it. But ah well that's what makes it a surprise.

  4. yeah i loathed the surprise colorway i got in the first shipment, so after that i've always picked my own and been pretty happy with the exception of the dirty rainbow i picked for the lincoln. but at least that was my own fault. there have been a few surprise colorways that i liked, but club members have the option of ordering those colors in their standard fibers (sw merino, bfl). haven't done it yet, but i might before the year's up.



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