Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall Sewing Plans and a Pledge

normally this is about the time of year that i put away my sewing machine. when fall arrives, my desire to sew goes away, probably because i hear the siren call of knitting. this year, however, i'm really excited about making fall clothes. I've decided to sew from the stash in September--no fabric purchases allowed. ok, so i ordered a few things yesterday from but it's still August. I've compiled a list of possibilities. by no means do i think i'll get through all of these but it's good to have a plan so that i don't wring my hands in indecision and end up making nothing.


Burdastyle JJ
The JJ Blouse from Burdastyle: white silk crepe and navy china silk. I'm actually nearly finished with my JJ wearable muslin. i really like the shirt but it's a bit tedious to sew. if i get to either of these i'll probably shake things up with the details.
Simplicity 2501
Simplicity 2501: purple, white, and grey stripe cotton shirting fabrics. i'm not settled on the exact views yet or which (or any) of these i'll make.
Simplicity 2601
Simplicity 2601: synthetic sheer fabric i got in a yarntini giveaway. i've had this forever but haven't had a plan for it. if i make one of these tops i'll line it with peach silk charmeuse.
Simplicity 4020
Simplicity 4020 OOP: taupe stripe rayon jersey. i'm going to do the long sleeve dolman top without the collar. i'm picturing a casual 80s look with skinny jeans.


Burdastyle Ellen
Ellen from Burdastyle: Black denim, navy stretch twill, red corduroy. I desperately need pants. i will probably start with the navy twill and style it like the pattern. then if i like the fit, i'll modify the other two to be more like skinny jeans.
Simplicity 2413
Simplicity 2413: black/white mystery cotton from a fabricmart bundle. i'm planning to do the full skirt, maybe with the tabs.


Simplicity 3775
Simplicity 3775 OOP: black poly sweater knit. this is a bit scratchier than i'd hoped for, but i need a fall-appropriate black dress. i'm going to make the crew neck version with long sleeves and ruched midriff. there's 5 yards here so enough for a cardigan as well.
Simplicity 2724
Simplicity 2724: thrifted white cotton sheet and poly navy pinstripe. i'll do the straight skirt and add a lining, but i haven't decided which top to use. i had a coworker pick up this pattern for me and she got the wrong sizing group so i'll have to work on modifying this to fit.
Simplicity 2724
Simplicity 2724: mystery sheer purple fabric and stretch velvet from a fabricmart bundle. again, i'll use the straight skirt and whatever top i didn't use for the first version. i'm not sure these are my colors, hence using them together in a dress rather than as separates that i might never wear with anything else in my wardrobe.

so that's the plan! i'm looking forward to getting started, just as soon as i finish up some important deadline projects i'm working on now.


  1. Nice list!!! I didn't do the frillies on JJ nor the weird little beltloop things, or the cinched sleeves. Hm...Yeah, I modified that one to hell.

    I like your style--I'm very interested to see how the pants turn out! I need some new work pants!

  2. Wow, I'm inspired by your ambition for the fall season. I alos fully support your no fabric in September goal. Good luck!

  3. Your sewing plan includes some nice fabrics and patterns. I have made the Simplicity 3775 with the crossover front. The bodice was huge, but the crewneck might work out better. I've been mulling over the Simplicity 2601 and 2501 patterns. I will look forward to watching your plan come together! Have Fun!



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