Friday, July 02, 2010

Tour de Fleece: The Project

I finally decided on a Tour de Fleece project, which is a good thing since it starts tomorrow. I've wanted to spin for a colorwork garment for quite some time. I washed a gorgeous CVM fleece yesterday and I wanted to utilize the different natural shades in the fleece. I am using several different undyed fibers to make the Ivy League Vest.
Tour de Fleece: The Project
I am using:
light grey Jacob roving
dark brown CVM fleece
light beige CVM fleece
white ruppert corriedale fleece
chocolate brown whitefish bay corriedale fleece
fawn alpaca roving

I can't wait to get started! i'm planning to tease the locks and spin from the fold--no fancy prep. i'm hoping it'll be a manageable large project due to the different colors and fibers preventing me from getting too bored. i'm doing a 2ply fingering weight and the maximum yardage I need of any one color is 400yds.

yay, tour de fleece!

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