Saturday, July 03, 2010

TdF: Day 1 + Wyatt being cute

Tour de Fleece: Day 1
my first skein: 2ply Jacob from roving purchased at MDSW 2010. 220yds/58g, spun longdraw from the fold, fulled to finish. i wanted to start with something easy, so small quantity + roving = fast and fun to spin!

i'm loving the hot weather--the skein dried completely in a couple of hours. i adore the yarn. it's so light and airy. i hope the rest comes out so nice. next up is dark CVM fleece.
in other news, i've had quite a bit of time off for the holiday and i took the opportunity to unpack and organize my craft room. yes, i've been living in the house for almost a year, why do you ask? anyway, i had this suitcase full of scraps that i organized by color and wyatt decided to be super helpful by hiding in the suitcase just as i was ready to sort it out. isn't he sweet? i swear he did this on his own.


  1. Ha ha! I have a cat with a suitcase/backpack fetish as well.

    So, what do you do with all your scraps? Mine are in freezer bags--hidden under the bed.

  2. You're a busy spinner! Wyatt is adorable; I just love how the kitties always want to get into new places. I think your color/fiber choices will make an amazing Ivy League. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress!

  3. So would you sort Wyatt under grey for his fur or green for his eyes. Or create a spreadsheet and cross reference under both...



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