Saturday, July 31, 2010

new patterns

joann's was having a simplicity pattern sale so i stocked up. most of these i've seen made up on various blogs. i'm hoping to cut out a few patterns and have them ready to sew when my new machine arrives.
2560: it looks terrible on the envelope (get a load of that hat) but i saw an adorable version from mushywear. i don't have fabric for this yet, but i love her version.
2501: i like the peplum and how girly it is. i think i would make a longer tie so i could tie it into a bow, like this one from green apples. i have several shirting fabrics just waiting to be used.
2700: still searching for the perfect pants. these don't have back pockets, but that's easily remedied. there's a tutorial for welt pockets in the twinkle sews book that i might follow, once i get the hang of it. i have several bottomweight fabrics just waiting for the right pattern, including some dark denim, red corduroy, gray suiting fabric, navy pinstripe...i could keep going.
2343: a straight skirt with pockets. and look, it has ruffles! it's just too cute. i might try it first with some white corduroy that's been in the stash since the dawn of time.
2403: yay, a shirtdress with pockets! i've already seen several cute mods with different skirts, like this one. i think i may have found the right dress for my red polka dot fabric.
2599: there are too many cute versions of this one to list, but here are a few: green apples and tumbling blocks. i have some handkerchief linen and some little folks voile that are destined to be this top.

i can't wait to get started!


  1. Good choices! I've got that cardigan pattern, and the shirtdress too - love the version with the ruffles. I love patterns sales, and keep buying patterns even if I can't make them all!!

  2. Can't wait to see the pants! I almost came close to buying that pattern was EXPENSIVE! Way to score!

  3. I bought 2403 at the sale this weekend as well! It's so cute. I can't wait to see your version(s).



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