Friday, July 23, 2010


What have I been perusing this week?

well, i'm very late to the party, but i became fascinated with making my own infinity dress. and so i did. i'll probably show it off in the next week or two.

my new obsession for the weekend is making a paper bag skirt (tutorials here and here) and a coordinating blouse, which may or may not involve these.

speaking of which, i must get to joann's to buy some synthetic material to make these awesome flower pins. so pretty!

Threads thru Time has some really awesome turkish spindles. I would love to own one someday.

I may have fallen off the fiber wagon, but can you blame me? Shpherder finally restocked and bargains were to be had.

I got a couple of amazon gift certificates for my birthday, so i was browsing the craft books and look what i found? I can't wait til February! i've always been scared to make my own jackets ever since i had a disaster experience with a burda pattern, but i would love to make eye candy like this. There are a lot of gorgeous jackets here. I love all the ruffles.

i think that's it for this week. i guess i've had new clothes on the brain.


  1. I'm very intrigued by the paper bag skirt. I may have to try that one as well.

  2. love those singed edge fabric roses--thanks for posting the link!



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