Friday, July 16, 2010

Links Round-up

so fridays are a bad posting day for me. i have frisbee on thursdays so generally there is no crafting (though mosquito bites are plentiful). i've decided to make a semi-regular feature of random links that probably many of you have already seen, but what the hell.

I am not much of a toy person, but recently i've become entrapped by a couple of really cute and slightly weird examples that i might just have to try. Maybe it's the stripes, or the happy colors that get me, but Daphne and Delilah are just too cute for words.

also, grouchy couch. need i say more?

i love my pas de valse cardigan and i would like to have more in a similar style but it took me ages to knit the first one and i don't think i have the time or willpower. this t-shirt refashion would be quite quick and easy to complete. i have a couple yards of off-white bamboo jersey that i could probably finagle into a similar garment, using the base pattern from Sew U: Home Stretch.

i am sucker for craft books. I preview a lot of books from the library but there's just something about having your own collection that i really love. i can't get into the concept of digital reading devices because i love holding a hardcover book and leafing through the pages. i even like the smell. maybe i'm just weird? anyway, i really love New England Knits. i adore almost all of the patterns but my favorite is definitely the adorable whale beret. i don't have this one yet, but i'm sure i'll be adding to my overflowing bookshelf soon.

if you're a fan of Mad Men, this series is a must. not only do you get to look at gorgeous costumes, but the analysis is very revealing on how the clothes enhance the characters.

i really love this quilt--the simplicity, the colors, the quilting, everything.

have a good weekend!


  1. woo frisbee!

    I love craft books too. I'm trying not to buy so many, but it is difficult. I love the whale beret and I like aspects of some of the sweaters in New England Knits. Have a great weekend! :D

  2. I personally have no desire to get an e-reader (unless there was a lot of traveling in my future). I too love the feel of an actual book, turning the pages. Besides, I'm on my computer all the live long day, my eyes need a rest from a screen!

    That grouchy couch is hilarious!



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