Thursday, July 15, 2010

another day

TdF: Day 13
TdF Day 13. still spindling. i've been busy this week so i've only spun in bits and spurts. hopefully i can get back to the ivy league project over the weekend.
Gingham top
A while back I made this pink and white gingham top from a tutorial at sewmamasew.

i can't recall exactly but i know that i altered the measurements of the rectangles a bit. it was very easy and only took about an hour to cut and sew. if i were to make it again, i'd definitely round the neck on both the front and back, as it hangs rather oddly as an unshaped rectangle. it also tends to slide back and forth across the shoulders. if you aren't careful, you end up flashdance-ing everyone. next time i would take a larger shoulder seam so the neck is narrower.
Gingham top
the fabric is from the stash i got from my mother, so i have no idea how old it is. gingham isn't a fabric i gravitate towards normally but i think it works with this top to give it a cute retro feel--especially when paired with capris.

i might make this one again eventually with the mods i mentioned. it is very comfortable to wear on a hot day.


  1. that's a cute top! I also love how the yarn you're spindling is turning out!

  2. I love the pink on you. EVery time I see one of your shirred shirts, it makes me mad that I haven't tried it yet.



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