Tuesday, June 08, 2010

think pink

i decided to let myself return to wheel spinning. i'm still working the spindles, but i'm not close to finishing and i was getting really bored. some bright pretty colors made for a nice palate cleanser.
CMF fiber club May
Fiber: Crown Mountain Farms Fiber Club, May shipment. Targhee in Chinon
3ply, Aran weight, 160yds/111g
spun short forward draw, tightly plied, soaked and thwacked to finish
Crown Mountain Farms Targhee
my first experience spinning targhee was a frustrating one. the fiber was somewhat felted, making it really hard to draft. i ended up leaving it as a singles yarn, which was nice, but this fiber practically begs to be plied.
Crown Mountain Farms Targhee
by comparison, this targhee was heaven to draft. it's very soft and so incredibly bouncy. the finished yarn feels almost spongy. i overplied it to bring out the springiness. i really love how the pinks and purples work together.
Crown Mountain Farms Targhee
i would love a sweater out of this yarn. right now i'm planning to use this skein in an afghan i'm working on.



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