Monday, June 21, 2010

a silk petticoat

i was inspired by this petticoat tutorial and decided to try my own version. i had several yards of peachy pink silk charmeuse and i also happened to have some matching sheer drapery fabric that i picked up ages ago.
Ruffle Skirt
i cut out a 2-piece a-line skirt from the silk and serged one side seam. i did a rolled hem on the top and bottom and then shirred for several inches at the top to make a wide waistband.

then i cut strips of varying heights, did a rolled hem on both sides, gathered with a wide zigzag and sewed them onto the skirt with a narrower zigzag. i really should've marked straight lines ahead of time as the silk was very slippery and kept getting skewed. i decided about halfway through that i would just accept the wonkiness. it took a very long time to make this skirt and the thought of ripping out all the ruffles and starting over was not very appealing to me.
Ruffle Skirt
i used both the shiny and dull sides of the silk for the ruffles. the last step was to serge the other side seam. i washed the skirt by hand and let it air dry. it's not my best effort but it does add some nice poof when worn under other skirts.

i still have a decent amount of silk left to make a top or something at a later date.


  1. Very ambitious! It's really fun and girly. :)

  2. Tempting project! Thank god my ass is fat enough to get enough poof under my skirts--LOL!

    I like yours better than the tute's!



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