Friday, June 11, 2010

an off-skein

so i'm not even certain which batt this was spun from, but i think it's this one. my last several colorways batts look very similar so it's hard to tell, but i believe i picked the right one since it has a lot of black in it.
Chain-plied Colorways club
Colorways Club Corriedale Batt
239yds/102g chain-plied sport weight
spun longdraw, soaked and thwacked to finish
Chain-plied Colorways club
this was not my best spin. i spun the singles an age ago, and finally decided to chain-ply it to get it off the bobbin. i overcompensated on the plying twist b/c the singles had rested for so long, and i ended up overdoing it. the skein is very twisty and a bit harsh feeling. they can't all be winners.
Chain-plied Colorways club
despite not getting great yardage and the overtwistiness, i do think this yarn would make decent socks. maybe with contrasting heels and toes. i'll have to ask spicy if the colors are right for him, otherwise this'll go into the pile waiting for inspiration.


  1. Your pile is getting bigger! Although you do seem to work through them pretty quickly. This yarn does look like it would be good for socks. What color would you use for contrast?

  2. Love it! Corriedale is one of my favorites to spin. The colors came out amazing -- a nice, classy gray, yet also colorful. Who'd have thought it was possible?



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