Tuesday, June 22, 2010


please forgive the horrendous lack of ironing. i was in a rush this morning.
Marie from Burdastyle
i've been wanting to sew the marie skirt from burdastyle for awhile now. i wasn't certain that i'd like the style but it seemed cute with a few modifications. i used some stretch twill i bought from fabric.com.
Marie from Burdastyle
i cut out the 38 inch size and shortened the pattern to fit above the knee. i can't recall how many inches i cut out but it was a lot. i'm not really into high-waisted skirts so these 2 adjustments were a must for me. i did sew a muslin first so everything went pretty smoothly on the real thing. i used this centered zipper tutorial and i really like the results. this was also my first time sewing a hem facing. i think i prefer folding the hem as it was tricky to get the pieces to match up but it wasn't terrible. i sucked it up and handsewed the hem. i still wish i had a blind stitch function on my machine.
Marie from Burdastyle
i wasn't sure that i would like the tulip skirt style but it has really grown on me. it's fairly distinctive so i'm not sure i would sew many more of these but perhaps a fall/winter version in wool at a slightly longer length. it was pretty easy to put together and i highly recommend the pattern.

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