Monday, June 07, 2010

Half-assed Book Review: Knits Men Want

so between work, the french open, the nba finals (go celts!), and trying to work on eleventy different crafts all at once, i'm spread a bit thin at the moment. but that doesn't mean that i don't like to look at/think about future endeavors. i got a few crafty books from the library and some that i ordered as well.

Today, I'm going to give my brief review of Knits Men Want. let me begin by saying that if you have any experience winging your knits, you don't technically need this book. it's full of very basic patterns in multiple gauges. having said that, if you are lazy like me, you'll appreciate that someone else did the work for you.

i went ahead and bought this one, because after nearly 4 years, i think that i know Spicy pretty well, and this book was pretty much made for him. he is the king of ultra plain, basic knits. i had him go through the patterns with me, and i was able to guess correctly on the few that he wouldn't like (the ski sweater with the high turtleneck, the cardigan with buttons, the tweed sweater vest). he liked pretty much everything else, and he hinted more than once that he loves the hoodie (though he doesn't like the pointiness of the hood). since he liked/really liked the majority of patterns, and none of them will go out of style anytime soon, i'd say it was a great buy. that, coupled with the ability to work in a variety of gauges makes it ultra helpful, though i would've liked if the patterns extended beyond 6 stitches per inch (though to be honest anything smaller would probably drive me batty).

i think there's a decent size range in 4 inch increments but i didn't look at it too closely since i'm likely only to make sweaters for Spicy. if you're like me, it might be hard to resist the temptation to make the patterns more fun by adding a cable or some texture, but seriously one would be missing the point. i'll resist stereotyping by saying that all men are different and have different preferences but my guy likes really boring stuff and nothing else so this book is perfect for him.

i do think the book reaches into unnecessary cutesy territory with the rules aspect. also, it does kind of stereotype. but i'm guessing that one would know if the men in one's life fall outside this stereotype and could adjust accordingly. for me, it's a thoroughly useful book and one that i'm likely to use throughout our lives together. if i can get my act together, maybe i'll make Spicy the hoodie this year. or at least, the hat. he really liked the hat.

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