Wednesday, June 30, 2010

granny bag

towels and dishrags tend to pile up in my kitchen with no place to go. i finally got tired of it and crocheted a bag to hold them all until laundry day.
Granny bag
Pattern: None, i just winged it
Yarn: Lionbrand Kitchen Cotton in ecru
Hook: H
Started and Finished: June 26
Granny bag
i started at the base with a magic ring and double crocheted a circle. i switched to the basic granny stitch and did several rows then switched back to double crochet, decreasing a bit for the top. then i just worked double crochets back and forth for the strap, decreasing to narrow it and increasing again, finally slip-stitching the last row to the opposite side.

it was quick to work and it does the job well. it'll also do double duty as an additional market bag in a pinch, should i need one.


  1. Wow, one day, and you improvised? I really need to learn to crochet!

  2. We have the same problem. What a good idea!



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