Thursday, June 17, 2010

fiber-rich diet

i'm playing a bit of catch-up today.
Colorways Club 4ply
Dyakcraft Colorways Club corriedale batt, i think it's november
180yds/112g, 4ply worsted weight
spun longdraw, fulled to finish
my first 4ply yarn. it wasn't too painful as the singles weren't super thin and spinning longdraw made it go fast. i love how the colors blended, but i'm not sure what to do with it at the moment
CMF Club June
Crown Mountain Farms fiber club, Lincoln in Finding Rainbows
i picked this colorway b/c i know that i saw someone else's finished yarn and thought it looked awesome. well, i must've been mistaken b/c i don't love this. i've already spun the singles and it shed everywhere. my cat usually loves to lay on my spinning fiber, but this stuff was too scratchy, even for her. she sat down, rolled around a bit, meowed, got up, and walked away. i'm glad i got to try something new but i don't think i'll be hankering to spin lincoln again anytime soon, or ever. right now the plan is to thread-ply the singles and then i'm not sure what. this might end up being a "display yarn" only.
ASU spinalong june-july
ASU spinalong fiber came in the mail. i got one braid of all 3 colors. i love polwarth and right now, it's everywhere! this is koi pond.
ASU spinalong june-july
this is the mystery fish colorway (something about seuss). this one is my least favorite. i'm not super fond of red and green together. it's a bit xmas-y.
ASU spinalong june-july
and goldfish wearing a tutu. i think this one is my favorite.

i don't have a clear plan for any of these, so i'm going to ponder for awhile. i think i might be participating in tour de fleece so hopefully i'll figure something out by then.


  1. I've notice too that every fiber club offerd Polwarth fiber all of a sudden. Until recently I didn't even know it excists!
    Lovely 4-ply. It happens to me too, that I don't know what to make with some of my handspun. I've spun Lincoln once so far. My oncly single spun skein. It's still in my handspun yarn box, deep down. I don't buy Lincoln, I don't like it. Dave suggested to use it to bind plants in the garden. He spun a different colorway from CMF fiber club. Anyway the color of your lincoln looks wonderful, and so do all the others!!!

  2. Oh lord help me, I've been living in New Jersey too long. I thought the red and green fiber looked too Italian Flaggy! Not Christmasy!

    I like the cat-scratchiness test. YOu could market a system of rating fiber softness based on how many minutes the cat naps on each braid/batt.

  3. I love, love, love the koi pond colorway. I totally support Bezzie's idea for the fiber softness test.



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