Thursday, May 13, 2010

the neverending spinning project

Jacob singles
I started spinning the 2oz of white jacob on my spindles right after MDSW. i've been trying to spin a little bit every day. i haven't succeeded fully on that, but i've been pretty close. i have no idea what i'm doing as far as winding a cop, so i wasn't able to fit half the fiber on the spindle. thankfully, spicy and i bought like 500 pairs of bamboo chopsticks for $1 a few years ago (i don't know what we were thinking) and they make nice placeholders for my spindle spun yarn.

i really like jacob. it has a little bit of sheen and it's very easy to spin. this fiber is about a medium softness, like finn or falkland. i think the other two colors in my sampler would make an awesome 4ply sock yarn. not that i will want to spin jacob again for awhile after this.

this is only half the fiber. i'm spinning the other half on my golding spindle. it is taking a very long time. i have to keep reminding myself that spinning very fine laceweight was the entire purpose for my wanting to get a spindle and that it is going to take a long time. but it's taking a really long time.

so give me a couple more weeks and i might be ready to ply. i'm definitely going to ply on the wheel.


  1. I love Jacob! Lucky you to find white!

  2. It will be a gorgeous Jacob Shawl - worth all the time. Lucky for me, I can spin thinner lacewt. on my wheel than on a spindle - because I KNOW I wouldn't have the patience to spindle spin it :-)



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