Friday, May 28, 2010

mumu heaven

a couple of weeks ago, i placed an order at i blame bezzie for the inspiration. actually it was a rather large order and they accidentally sent me the wrong little folks voile, so they then sent me a replacement for free and i got to keep the first fabric. great service.

anyway, on impulse, i threw in some kaffe fassett rayon challis. i've never sewed rayon before and KF's fabrics can be a bit barf-a-bunch-of-colors-on-canvas for my taste, but i figured, what the hell...might as well try it out. i got the fabric in the mail and it was a bit on the loud side.

i was trying to decide what to do with it, and i happened to have the pattern for the babydoll top out. i remember thinking the last time i made it that i needed a more fluid fabric to get a better drape. hmm, rayon has a lot of drape. but i don't want to just make the same thing over again, so i decided to lengthen it to make the dress.
Babydoll Dress from Chic and Simple Sewing
Pattern: Babydoll Dress from Chic and Simple Sewing
Fabric: Kaffe Fassett rayon challis. the pattern name was asian floral something something, 1.5yds
Size: S. well i made the top and lengthened the hem by 9 inches. i was too lazy to retrace the pattern, plus i'm short, so probably would've had to shorten the dress as drafted anyway.
Started and Finished: last weekend. took me a couple of days.
Mods: i skipped the sleeve elastic, as i didn't want it to be too twee. aforementioned shortening and i handsewed the hem, which is not one of my favorite things to do. i also used a needle for lightweight fabrics. rayon actually isn't too bad to sew. it's a little slippery and it wrinkles but it could be worse.
Babydoll Dress from Chic and Simple Sewing
so, after taking my loud fabric, and using a billowy pattern, i ended up with...A Crazy Old Lady Mumu!

and you know, i kind of love it in that same way that i love hawaiian shirts even though i know that it's wrong. if only my hair were in curlers and i were brandishing a fist at the kids in my yard. it might look ridiculous but it's my brand of crazy. i'm calling this one a win.


  1. You just described my mom when she was younger, and we were kids! Hehe, I like it! I'm sure it's totally comfy once it gets hot.

  2. Cute! And it looks nice and breezy for summer. A well-placed belt would look very chic on days you want a more fitted look, too.

  3. You forgot that you have to have a cigarette dangling out of your mouth when you yell at the kids on your yard!

    It looks good! I'm slowly working my way into synthetic fabrics...the Beast can only handle so much you know?



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