Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MDSW: Yarn

MDSW 2010MDSW 2010
my last 2 cute animal pics. there were definitely not enough alpacas at the festival. the mop-top haircuts make them so adorable.
Delly's Delight Alpaca
2 more skeins of delly's delight alpaca, in grey this time. my actual favorite sweater (as opposed to whatever i say is my favorite, which usually just means whichever one i've finished most recently) is my tangled yoke cardigan. i wear it all the time. it's lightweight, warm, and soft, and it's held up really well considering the frequent use. so why not make another cardigan out of the same yarn? they have so many natural colors, i might end up with the entire gamut of Delly's Delight sweaters. right now i'm planning to knit Manu. i think it will look gorgeous in the heathered grey.
Hunt Valley Cashmere
i couldn't leave the festival without receiving a luxe yarny gift from Spicy. he got me 2 skeins of sportweight Hunt Valley Cashmere, in my favorite red. i went back and forth several times over which yarn i should choose, but i kept coming back to, "but i really like the red." Spicy replied, "it sounds like you really like the red. let's get the red." so we did.
Hunt Valley Cashmere
and then i splurged and bought myself 2 more skeins in purple. what can i say--i'm indecisive. the two colors look lovely together and they would make a gorgeous stripey or colorwork-y hat and mittens set. i can't recall the total yardage at the moment but i think there's enough for both. yay cashmere!


  1. Beautiful yarn choices! I like alpaca blend yarns too. Just found a bag of pure alpaca in my stash. Manu is a lovely design, very feminine.

  2. Tangled Yoke is my favorite and most often worn sweater too :-)
    Great purchases - looking forward to seeing what you do with the cashmere!



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