Monday, May 03, 2010

MDSW: Spindles

Spicy and I ended up attending MDSW on saturday only. it was really friggin hot. i think that living in western new york has forever spoiled me. i can't stand the heat anymore. it was a nice time but very crowded. we spent a lot of time in our hotel, catching up on the glories of air conditioning and cable tv. oh cable i've missed you.

i did remember to snap a few cute animal photos. you can't go wrong with baby goats and rabbits.
MDSW 2010
i ended up purchasing 2 spindles.
Bosworth spindle
this is a bosworth featherweight, canarywood whorl and birch shaft, .46oz.
Golding spindle
this is a golding ringspindle, 2" cherry whorl in LeFleur, walnut shaft, .45oz.

i like both of them but they're really different. the bosworth spins a long time, while the golding spins very fast but stops relatively quickly. i'm working on some jacob fiber i got at the festival.

tomorrow: fiber.


  1. Nice score on the spindles! I love the Bosworths.

  2. Very nice! Can't wait to see your fiber!

  3. Gorgeous spindles! You know, I can barely stand to spindle spin anymore. I think it's because I'm definitely a product crafter and the wheel just goes *so* much faster.

    I would really love to have either of those brands of spindles, though! (What's that say about my crafting addiction, that I'm willing to buy something I will hardly use, because it's pretty and well made? I think we're all hoarders at heart.)



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