Tuesday, May 04, 2010

MDSW: Fiber

this llama seemed fairly discontented with its avant garde haircut.
Jacob sampler
this is 6oz of Jacob. Spicy and I really liked the Jacob sheep, so i got some of the fiber to try out. i am spinning the 2oz of white on my spindles. it's a medium softness and very easy to spin. i like it so far.
Miss Babs merino/bamboo/silk
4oz Miss Babs merino/bamboo/silk. there were so many pretty colors in this booth. i had a hard time narrowing it down to just one.
Gale's Art merinoGale's Art Tussah SilkGale's Art Tussah Silk
i love Gale's Art fiber. i got 4oz of merino and 2oz of tussah silk in blue and yellow. i'm planning to blend all 3 of these on my drum carder.

i did not come home with any fleeces. i even wrote it down on my wishlist: Don't Buy Any Fleece. i walked by the fleece corner and spicy asked me why we weren't stopping. i explained that i didn't need any more fleece as i still have a CVM to wash. he asked me why we came all this way if not to look at fleeces, so we dove in. i did not much care for the lack of organizational system and quickly got overwhelmed. Spicy said that he's been in my craft room and has seen the 4 fleeces in there and he agrees that i probably don't need more fleece after all. so we escaped without coming home with another fleece. this time.

Tomorrow: YARN!


  1. Hehe - funny! You've got the right guy, he's very supportive.
    The Jacob's fiber I've spun so far was rather on the rough side, but your three balls look lovely. I like the dark grey one. I don't think I could have held back as you did, with so much fiber around!

  2. ....grump.... i have serious mswf envy...!
    love your goodies, but i bet you won't share... :-)

  3. That poor llama. It's like some rich woman's poodle.

  4. I was kind of jealous of those llamas, those haircuts looked cool!

    I didn't see the Miss Babs roving...of course that booth was packed and I lasted about 30 seconds in there!

  5. I'm probably going to avoid NH S&W this weekend, since I REALLY don't need fleece/fiber/yarn and I know I will buy a fleece if I go :-)
    I like your fiber choices!



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