Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it's a wrap

i've always been fairly resistant to the idea of wrap tops. despite the fact that they are supposed to be flattering on my figure type, they've always bugged me for some reason. i decided to at least give one a try, so i whipped out some white joann cotton shirting from the stash and the pattern from Chic and Simple Sewing.
Wrap top from Chic & Simple Sewing
i made the size S. after making the shirt, i finally figured out what it is about wrap tops that bug me. they are very fiddly to wear. it's hard to get the wrap just perfect and then getting it to stay that way is even more difficult. the fabric is very sheer so wearing a tank underneath is a must, but if i had wanted to go without, i imagine it'd be even more of a trial getting everything to stay in place.
Wrap top from Chic & Simple Sewing
having said all that, it's growing on me. probably not enough to make an entire closet of wrap tops, but i do like that it's a fairly polished look for work without being a traditional button-down. the top was moderately easy to sew. i skipped the elastic in the sleeves but otherwise i sewed as written. it has princess seams and self-made bias tape edging so it's not a beginner pattern but it's not horrible either.

i might try a different wrap pattern someday, maybe out of a knit. the fit on this one isn't quite right but i don't have enough knowledge right now to understand how to fix it. i bought a red polka dot cotton to make a dress, and i was initially thinking about the wrap dress from this book (it's the same pattern as the top) but now i'm reconsidering other options. i want a flirty vintage-y look with a full skirt but not too dressy (i've been watching a lot of Mad Men on dvd). maybe a shirtdress? i'm open to suggestions.


  1. Honestly, I think it's really cute on you. You're right about it being flattering, and at least in the pictures, it looks very light and gauzy. I feel the same way about wrap tops, though. In theory, they're cool, but in wearability, they're rather fidgety to wear.

  2. it looks great! I really like it on you and agree that it sort of has that professional look without being a boring ol' button down.

    I have a wrap top from Boden that I picked up after I noticed that my mom looks great in wraps, and while it's nice, it is SO fiddly to wear.

  3. Ha ha! That dress pattern I just made! Except someone asked me when I was going to the squaredance. So maybe the skirt is too full? Ha ha!

    I've always wanted to knit a wrap top--but I've had the same reservations you have. Maybe I'll give it a try!

  4. That looks great on you! FYI, wrap tops and dresses are pretty much just as fiddly to wear in knit fabrics as well. But they're flattering and fun and very versatile, so it's generally worth it.

    I love the idea of a shirtdress!



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