Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hello Handspun

i'm a bit overdue on the April handspun. i managed to spin quite a bit last month.
Hello Yarn Superwash BFL
Chain-plied sportweight Hello Yarn superwash BFL in Cattails
379yds/120g, spun longdraw, soaked and thwacked to finish
Hello Yarn Superwash BFL
Superwash BFL is not my favorite. it had that somewhat plastic-y feeling of superwash and it was very easy to overtwist and end up with singles that felt like wire. the yarn is also lacking in elasticity. i love merino, targhee, and cvm because of the bounciness. Superwash BFL is kind of meh.
Hello Yarn Superwash BFL
the colors, on the other hand, are awesome. i chain-plied to preserve the short color repeats. i was afraid that if i used a traditional ply the final skein would look muddy.

i'm planning to knit socks with these so i reserve the right to change my mind on superwash BFL if the socks end up made of awesome. i would love to cast-on for these soon but i owe Spicy a pair of May socks so i'm not sure when i'll get to it.


  1. The colors are wonderful. You sure are nice to make Spicy so many pairs of socks, but then he buys you cashmere, so I guess it all evens out. ;)

  2. I felt the same about SW Merino - I think it's the Superwash part that makes it icky -not the fiber itself (in my limited experience regular BFL is nice and bouncy)- feels fake, but I suppose it is good for socks...although I wash mine by hand anyway :-)



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