Friday, May 07, 2010

CMF Friday

CMF fiber club April
CMF Fiber Club April shipment
Wensleydale in Black Hole Sun
125yds/106g, bulky thick n thin singles yarn
spun short-forward draw, lightly fulled to finish

i was going to thread ply this but i didn't have any thread and i got lazy. it's similar to manos del uruguay but hairier. i was thinking about knitting the spiral tweed cloche from knitting 24/7.
CMF fiber club May
CMF Fiber Club May shipment
targhee in Chinon. i love the hot pinks but for the first time i kind of wish i'd gotten the surprise colorway. right now i'm thinking about a worsted weight 3 ply for use in a crochet afghan i'm working on.


  1. Mmm, that Wensleydale yarn is nice! Love the colorway.

  2. Me too - Woodstock looks like it would have been fun!

  3. I just love that Wensleydale colorway. Nice singles!
    At least you know what you want to do with the other fiber. It trumps to being spun to go into the handspun bin, like many of my handspun yarns. :o)

  4. Interesting! I've never spun Wensleydale. And now I have that song stuck in my head as an added bonus!



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