Friday, April 16, 2010

yarn of many colors

i finally got around to spinning the mini-batt from spincerely that yenhen sent me in the snobby spinners swap. i really like batts like these. i should practice more with my drum carder.
Snobby Spinners Swap
62yds/29g, bulky 2ply. soaked and hung to dry. (i didn't thwack! it was hard to refrain, but i did it)
Spincerely mini-batt
i spun the batt short-forward draw as a thick n thin single and plied with some leftover crown mountain farms finn. it was surprisingly difficult to spin thick n thin. i had to really pay attention to make sure i was getting an inconsistent thickness. i love how many colors are present in the finished yarn, and my only wish is that i had more. thanks, yenhen!
Spincerely mini-batt


  1. This yarn looks great. I like the many colors in it.

  2. The darker yarn you plied it with makes the colors pop. Love it.



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