Friday, April 02, 2010

stash spinning

i want to spin up some of my stash before i go to MDSW, as i'm sort of running out of storage space for fiber. i had been hoarding this merino/cashmere that i got at the finger lakes fiber festival last year. i was nervous to spin it but i finally realized that i was being silly so i whipped it out and went to work.
Merino/Cashmere singles
it actually wasn't terribly difficult to spin. i spun it longdraw from the fold and the only tricky part was that it seemed to need a lot of twist to hold together. i wanted to ply last night but i made myself wait so that the singles could rest.

i only had 2oz so i'm not expecting a lot of yardage but i hope it's enough for a small shawl. i'm planning right now not to dye it. the creamy color is so pretty.


  1. It's gonna be scrumptious, it's such a nice blend!

  2. It came out great. Sometimes, it's so difficult to spin up something that has been in your stash for a while, isn't it? Particularly when it seems perfect as is, and there's the slightest chance it'll get messed up...

    But it came out great. I hope you have enough for a shawl once it's plied. Although it looks quite pretty as singles too.



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