Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sewing Friday

Spicy took me out to dinner on Friday, and i still had time before we went to make a new top to wear.
Ruffled bamboo tank by knottygnome
It's time for Spring Top Week at made by rae. There's so many inspiring tops in the flickr pool.

for this top, i used some navy bamboo jersey that i bought awhile back from ebay. i used the SewU Home Stretch t-shirt as a base pattern. for more inspiration, i used this ruffle tutorial from tea rose home. i cut the front and back the same and folded over the top edging to make a casing. i cut a long strip for the straps and threaded them through the top and finished with a shoulder bow. i added 3 ruffles and left all edges unfinished.

it's a very easy and comfy top to wear. it looks especially nice with a jacket. i like that it's frilly but still casual.

i'll be back tomorrow with the top i sewed on saturday.


  1. That top looks great. Isn't sewing fun, and so much faster than knitting. :o)

  2. Wow! really cute! I have some fabric all ready for a spring top but just haven't got up the motivation to cut into it. I love the ruffles on your top!

  3. Oh wow. Very nice. I just can't sew knit fabric. I don't know if it's my machine or operator error.

  4. :) I'm so glad I'm not alone. Last week I had a dinner to go to and I didn't want to wear anything in my closet, so before we left, I made a skirt. It is good to know I'm not the only one who does that sort of thing. Except your shirt is much prettier and much much more complicated than my skirt was.

  5. it's so cute! I love this top.

  6. Hi there - I really liked the color and the plain ruffles on this top in the STW at MadebyRae's - some of the other ruffly tops were way overboard! I blogged about it, hope that was ok - I included a link back here. And I had a great time reading through your blog about yarns and patterns, so thanks for entering STW or I probably wouldn't have stumbled onto you! Carolyn



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