Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sara's Shawl

I love this shawl!
Andrea's Shawl
Pattern: Andrea's Shawl (rav)
Yarn: merino/cashmere handspun, baruffa bollicina, jojoland cashmere
Needles: #6 knitpicks harmonies
Size: M, 54" wide
Started: April 5, Finished: April 9
Andrea's Shawl
i really liked the projects on ravelry that used the contrasting color for the border lace. unfortunately, by using the green cashmere/silk for the border, i ran out before finishing the shawl. whoops. i whipped out some double stranded jojoland 100% cashmere that i had leftover from a pair of mittens i made for spicy and finished the stripes with beige. i actually really love how it turned out with the third color.

it's a very small shawl. if i'd had more yarn i would've liked to make it bigger. the shawl is so lovely and soft. i wish i could knit with cashmere every day. these aren't normally colors i would gravitate towards. originally i thought i might give it away but now that it's finished it's definitely staying in my wardrobe.



  1. That is really pretty! the contrasting colors make it stand out for sure.

  2. Very pretty. I love the stripes in the shawl. :)

  3. Gorgeous! BTW I totally faved that pattern after you first posted it! It's lovely!

  4. I saw this on ravelry last night; it is gorgeous. I love the gray/white combination.

  5. do NOT give this one away! it's gorgeous. I can only imagine how heavenly it feels with that cashmere

  6. Yes, most definitely a keeper! I like the contrasting colors!



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