Wednesday, April 07, 2010

ramblin' wednesday

Thanks everyone for the bread tips! we have an enclosed porch, and it does get pretty warm in there, so for now i'll let my dough rise in the sunroom, but when it gets colder i'll definitely try the microwave trick.

and yes, the book is in the same series as Sew-U and Sew-U Home Stretch. i love basic patterns that you can use over and over. i'm hoping to experiment some this weekend. Spicy is going out of town so i'll have the house to myself.
CMF Shetland 2ply
i finally gave up on spindle spinning and finished the CMF fiber club shetland on my wheel.
2ply, 324yds/111g, dk weight
colorway: lady of the lake
spun modified longdraw, soaked and thwacked to finish
CMF Shetland 2ply
i've spun a shetland/angora blend once before and this fiber was very different. it's springy and bouncy and about as soft as the falkland. it's quite a departure from what i'd typically expect shetland to be. i know that it's a primitive breed and that you'll get a lot of variation but this is really far away from the sticky scratchy wool that comes to mind when i think of shetland.

right now i'm thinking multnomah or another small shawl, but i currently have lace on the brain. the deep blues are very man friendly so i might have to save this one for Spicy--maybe a hat? he said to me last night that his cashmere hat isn't going to last forever. although if it can survive a trip through the washer and dryer, it can do anything.

did i ever tell that story? it was totally my fault. i did the laundry and forgot that spicy always leaves things in his pockets and i washed his cashmere hat in warm water and dried it in the dryer. and it actually came out looking better than new. over time, the hat had gotten kind of fuzzy and stretched out of shape and it came out of the dryer a teensy bit smaller but with perfect even looking stitches. it was a miracle. and here i was hoping it would shrink too much to fit his head and i'd have to keep it.


  1. Ha ha! I forgot you moderated comments---weeze and I think alike!!! For a sec I thought "Why the hell did I comment like that if she already offered the microwave trick?!"

    I gotta give Spicy props--he's the king of not so subtle hints for knitted stuff.

  2. Lovely handspun, as usual! And I love Spicy's cashmere hat. Ah, the things we do for (give to) the men we love. ;-)

    I don't know if anyone commented this on the last post or not, but you can preheat the oven to 200* or its lowest setting, turn it off, and pop the bread dough in the oven to rise. It works like a charm. =)



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