Monday, April 05, 2010

Merino/Cashmere: smaller than anticipated

2ply Merino/Cashmere
my kitten-soft skein of 50/50 merino/cashmere handspun is finished. i ended up with 266yds/56g of heavy laceweight. spun longdraw from the fold, soaked and thwacked to finish. it's ridiculously huggable.

so yeah. 266 yards isn't very much. i don't know why i expected otherwise, as i made a point to avoid spinning really thin and i only had 2oz to start with. i do have this lone ball of cashmere/silk that spicy bought me that i haven't had a plan for, so maybe i could use them together to eke out Andrea's Shawl (rav), or something similar? as always, open to suggestions.


  1. Oh that's so weird! I was just going to suggest to spin another colorway, and maybe make the Andrea shawl with it! :o)
    I have it all printed out to knit soon, but I don't have the right yarn for it yet. :o)

  2. Daybreak shawl with the combo?

  3. 266 yards is not too shabby for 2 ounces! I spun a merino/silk 2ply and only got about 150 yards for 2 ounces. so nice job! practicing long draw is on my list of techniques to work on..



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