Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hot head

Hot Head from Stitch and Bitch
Pattern: Hot Head from Stitch and Bitch
Needles #10.5 denise circs
Yarn: Malabrigo Twist in Pearl Ten, ~half a skein
Started and Finished: April 11

i owed spicy a warm winter hat. we're probably safe from snow until the end of the year, but i'll call it getting a head start on next winter. sometimes i have to remind myself that spicy likes very plain things. on the upside, it only took a couple of hours to finish this hat, and it didn't take a lot of yarn. i used a cable cast-on and knit in the round. it barely covers his ears so it could've been an inch or so longer, but i think it's ok. if he needs something warmer, i can always whip up another one.

malabrigo twist was an interesting yarn to work with. it has a dry, almost cottony feeling and it's plied very tightly. it has a lot of stretch, but in typical malabrigo fashion, it relaxes a lot in the wash. it feels very dense and heavy. i'm not sure that i would want a sweater out of it, but it's great for accessories. it has that nice cushy malabrigo softness, but it doesn't wow you like mal worsted does. hopefully it won't pill as much either.

BTW, the Socks Revived design contest has been extended until May 21, so I'm also extending the introductory price of the Escalator Socks til that date.

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