Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clown Barf Handspun

i love pin-drafted roving, but when i got this sunset club fiber in the mail for my october shipment of their fiber club, i was a bit overwhelmed by the colors. i decided that the purples and yellows would probably not blend very well so i chain-plied it to keep the colors distinct.
Sunset Fibers club 10/09
150yds/111g chunky merino handspun
spun longdraw, chain-plied, and lightly fulled to finish
Sunset Fiber Merino club 10/09
i love how poofy and soft it is. i am liking the skein better than i liked the fiber.
Sunset Fiber Merino club 10/09
i'm not sure what to do with it yet, though i think it would be a fun and very cuddly hat. or maybe a pair of mittens?


  1. Clown barf: now that's a descriptive name. I think you chose the perfect spinning technique for it, and I agree; a hat would be a good use.

  2. I agree, it definitely looks better spun up than in the roving!

    I vote for mittens. =)

  3. The colors would be good for something for a child - like a hat, or mittens! I had some crazy-colored fiber like this too, and chain plied it into sock yarn. Best to keep those colors separate!



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