Friday, March 19, 2010

Swimming in Fiber

Club packages keep arriving before i'm ready for them.
CMF Club April: Wensleydale
Crown Mountain Farms April Wensleydale. I chose the colorway Black Hole Sun. i haven't spun in several days and the shetland is still in timeout. i think i'll sit on this one for awhile. i'm kind of all wensleydaled out at the moment.
Colorways Club
Colorways Club February and March. my sub ran out in february but i accidentally received march as well. linda kindly said i could keep it. this makes 5 batts that i haven't spun up. they are all shades of blue, purple, and green. at this point, if i were to finish the lizard ridge blanket, it would look weird being mostly blue, green, and purple with some odd shots of other colors here and there. plus i'm kind of over wanting to make it. i don't know for sure what i'll do with what i have at this point, but i know that i want to do something else with the remaining 5 batts. i was thinking about spinning each one on a bobbin and plying them all together as a 5-ply yarn and knitting a sweater. but who knows at this point?


  1. You already know how much I like your CMF club fiber! I too can't spin more than one Wensleydale and now mohair blend (with high mohair percentage)at a time. THere must be lots of other stuff in between. :o)
    Too bad about your Lizard ridge blanket. The batts do look lovely though.

  2. wait - you were spinning for a Lizard Ridge? Wow, ambitious! Lovely fibers there.

  3. I can see how you're tired of Wensleydale but I think that one would probably match your All Spun Up blaze...



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