Thursday, March 18, 2010

Summer Yarn Stash

except for a couple of orphan skeins here and there, i have no summer yarns in my stash. this is mostly because many of the cotton and blends that i've tried have killed my hands. however, through some recent experiments i've concluded that as long as i knit at a looser gauge, i can work with summery fibers. i decided to fill the summer stash all in one go by placing an order at i bought these 4 yarns thinking that i could finish all of them in 2010. i may have gotten a bit overambitious. i decided to match them all up to patterns in advance, knowing that i'll probably change my mind eleventy-hundred times because that is what i do.
Elann Nilo
10 skeins of elann nilo in black, a cotton/linen/rayon blend. this yarn is supposedly dk, but it's very thin--more of a light sportweight to my eyes. it feels soft and drapey, not stiff at all like i would expect from linen. i bought this to make a black lacy cardigan. i need a black cardigan very badly. actually i need two, one for summer and one for winter, but right now i have neither. i was thinking about the honeybee cardigan--the non-cropped version.
Elann Lara
7 skeins of lara in purple heart. this mercerized cotton yarn is a lighter version of sonata, which i've used and liked. it's very shiny and kind of firm feeling but with decent drape. i'm planning to use it for the tie back shell (rav) without the tie back. i know that the bow would drive me batty, both knitting it and wearing it, so i will probably knit the waistband to fit and graft the stitches.
Elann Coto Canapone
8 skeins of coto canapone (cotton/hemp) in mahogany. i've never knit with hemp before, but it feels very similar to linen. the yarn is stiff and crunchy. it feels a lot like knitpicks cotlin, which i have used and did not care for. hopefully i'll have better luck with this yarn. i am planning to knit the lacy skirt with bows from knit cafe (rav). i will probably start this one first because i got the book from the library.
Elann Camila
8 skeins of elann camila (cotton/linen) in alaskan blue. this yarn feels softer and more flexible than the coto canapone. it's also very thin for a sportweight. i love the powdery blue color--it's very me. i was planning to knit grecian plaits (rav) from knitters 87. this is probably the first and last time i'll ever buy a knitters mag, but i got a good price through destash and i've loved this design ever since it came out. the smallest size is 37.5" so it might take some finagling with the sizing.

if i can finish 3 of these before september i'll consider it a great success. i wonder how many of them will actually be put to their intended uses.


  1. That is so fun to plan ahead like that (and to change your mind along the way)! So much good summery yarn!

  2. Lookit all the summer stash! I'll be interested in your take on these. I have heard that both hemp and linen soften up significantly once washed.

  3. I swatched for my honeybee today it's a fun stitch pattern for the most part.

    I'm also glad that I'm not the only person who changes their mind about 50 times before settling on a project.

  4. It looks like you've got some good projects planned! Do you not have much of a stash, or just not too many summer yarns?

  5. Whew! That's a mighty ambitious list and some really nice yarn to play with.



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