Monday, March 15, 2010

spring has sprung: time for a new hat

i own an embarrassing number of hats. i make so many hats because there's infinite variety in style and pattern and they don't take very long to make. the vogue store was having a 60% off pattern sale, so i purchased a beret pattern from debbie bliss magazine.
Debbie Bliss beret
Pattern: 04 Cabled Beret from Debbie Bliss magazine, fall/winter 2008
Yarn: Plymouth Suri Merino in pink, 2 skeins
Needles: #5 and #7 knitpicks 16" circs
Started and Finished: March 12
Debbie Bliss beret
Please excuse the crap picture quality and mass of hair. i was in a hurry this morning. i knit the hat in the round. this took me about 5 hours to knit and at the end i was really tired and my brain had trouble transposing a few wrong side rows so there's some extra purled texture at the crown decreases, but whatever. i went down one needle size for the body of the hat. post-blocking the beret is super slouchy. if i were to knit it again, i'd probably take out one body cable repeat to make more of a regular tam shape. oh and there's an error in the pattern and no chart, which prevents this from being the perfect pattern (like gretel) but it's pretty close.

i love the bright pink suri merino. it works really well with the big squooshy feminine cables. i've had this yarn in my stash since august of 2008, so it feels good to finally put it to use. i know from experience that the yarn isn't durable but i'll probably wear this hat so few times that i doubt it'll show like spicy's gloves, which are now covered in a giant mass of blue pills.

the pattern is a super cute design and i might make it again in an elegant white or gray--maybe something with angora. though it is very likely that i'll never knit it a second time but it's a testament to the cuteness that i would even consider it.


  1. Lovely! Wow- you've really got a mass of hair! :o) I chopped mine off to the chin a few weeks ago. :o)

  2. very cute! I like the pink--very cheerful

  3. That is such a pretty hat!
    Man, I wish my hair was that thick. Gorgeous!

  4. This is the perfect yarn for a hat. I made a hat for my boyfriend out of it last christmas and it hasn't shown any wear (well it may be a bit more fuzzy, but no pills) and it's still one of his favorites.

  5. Oh I like that! I esp. like the way all the braids meet in the middle. Nice job!

  6. Very cute! And I think we have the same hair...

  7. The hat is perfect for spring. I love it!



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