Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spindle FAIL

i was debating about whether or not to buy a nice spindle or two at MDSW. i figured it wouldn't be worth purchasing something that i'll never use, so i whipped out the cheapie drop spindle i own to practice. i got out some nice fiber (because practicing with crap fiber was not working out very well) and went to work. this is the March installment of the CMF club, shetland in Lady of the Lake.
CMF club Shetland
i made a point to spin 15-20 minutes a day. things were going swimmingly until i dropped the spindle one two many times and it broke. the dowel split at the top and now the cup hook falls out when i try to spin.

so this lovely shetland has been languishing a few weeks. i have another spindle but it's even more craptastic than this one and i'll probably end up finishing the yarn on my wheel. spicy asked me why i wanted to use a spindle anyway when i have a wheel. i told him that i wouldn't feel like a real spinner if i don't know how to use a spindle.

Spicy: when would you ever need to use a spindle?
Me: well, i don't know. spindles are more portable and make more sense than getting a travel wheel.
Spicy: would you need to spin when we're traveling? you know you wouldn't spin in front of other people.
Me: i don't know. maybe when we go camping or something.
Spicy: we go camping like once a year. do you really think you'd do much spinning?
Me (losing patience): i dunno. it's another skill that i think i should have in my toolbox.
Spicy: ok. *shrugs*

he has a point. i might give it up for dead.


  1. one thing i enjoy about having a spindle is that i can stand while i spin. i think you should go for it :)

  2. Sorry about your broken spindle! There are so many wonderful looking spindles out there, that I get tempted from time to time to buy one, but I don't. I've got 2 spindles, I never use them. I used them for a month when I started spinning, to see if I like spinning at all. I sure liked it, so I got myself a wheel or two or three, and now I really NEVER use a spindle, and probably never will. I wouldn't mind buying another wheel though, but I'm doing O.K. with the ones I have already. :o)

  3. The only reason I can see for using a spindle is if you truly LOVE to spin on a spindle. I think there are some people who love the process - really love it - meditative etc. - I was the same as Monika - tried it out before getting my wheel and have never touched in since. I know I CAN do it, but ehhhh why?? (unless of course, I'm camping and am desperate to spin, but then I could just knit instead - or just enjoy camping and being outdoors :-)
    I think Spicy has a point!

  4. I broke my good spindle too. I couldn't figure out spindle spinning til I got a wheel. I don't know if I'd buy a really expensive 2nd spindle myself, but if I found something nice and not too pricey I'd go for it.



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