Monday, March 08, 2010

slow and steady wins the race

March 2010 Corriedale rolags
i've been wanting to do a sheep to sweater project for awhile. it also recently occurred to me that i have 3 fleeces that i haven't really touched and was thinking about getting more at MDSW. i started hand carding my whitefish bay corriedale lamb fleece into rolags. i combed a bit but the staple length is so short that i had a lot of waste. i tried drum carding it, but the batts came out super lumpy and i wasn't happy with the results. the fleece is so soft with a lot of crimp. it just takes a little extra work to get a beautiful yarn.

using hand cards is actually not as heinous as i remember it. maybe because i now know that drum carding takes an equal if not greater amount of time. i'm carding ~100g at a time and then spinning a 3ply dk yarn. the rolags are perfect for woolen spinning. i do have to stop to pull out some neps and vm as i spin, and the yarn isn't perfectly even but i accepted that from the beginning.

right now my goal is to spin yarn for the tudor henley but i'll probably change my mind 100 times before the yarn is finished. i've spun 1 skein so far and have carded enough rolags for the second 100g.


  1. That's very exciting! I definitely agree with you that drumcarding is not much easier. Have you tried combing those locks as well?

  2. Good for you, hand carding. I started to comb a Leicester Longwool and at first thought it was beyond heinous and now I don't mind it as much. Not that I spend hours and hours day in and day out....

  3. That sounds like a labor of love! :o)

  4. Someday I'll do a sheep to sweater. That pattern is gonna look great. It would take a pretty amazing pattern to get me to change my mind on that one!

  5. Oh boy...I am going to enjoy watching this sweater come to life! My sweater yarn is the most inconsistent yarn I've ever spun and the sweater still is looking pretty - gotta love how forgiving fiber is!
    Your possible pattern is really pretty - I may have to go buy a Knitscene just for that pattern!



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