Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ready for warmer weather

now that i've officially got my summer knit on, it's in the 30s and rainy. fun times.
lacy skirt with bows, greetings from knit cafe
i'm working on the lacy skirt with bows from greetings from knit cafe in elann coto canapone. i really like the yarn more than i had anticipated. it has a nice drape and i think it will soften considerably in the wash. i'm knitting the small but i went up a needle size to be easier on my hands. i knit the front and back lace sections and joined to work in the round instead of seaming. i added a purl stitch at each side for a faux seam. i'm also decreasing every 10 rows instead of 11 to shorten the skirt a little bit. things are moving steadily and i hope to be finished by the weekend. if only the weather would cooperate.


  1. I have the opposite problem - now that I've finished and desperately want to wear my second CPH, the weather has turned too warm. :P



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