Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty pretty yarn day

here it is!
Apr-May Allspunup spinalong
2ply 75% bfl, 25% silk from allspunup, 309yds/235g heavy worsted weight
spun short-forward draw on the lowest ratio, plied on the second highest ratio
soaked and thwacked just a little bit to finish
Apr-May Allspunup spinalong
i used short-forward draw because i wanted the shine of the fiber to really come through. i think next time i might try spinning from the fold to get a little more air into the fiber. this yarn is denser than most of my handspuns and has a weighty feel to it (but the drape is very nice). i think it will be perfect for a shawl.

i love this blend and now i can't decide what to do with my other braid that i won. right now i'm thinking a thin singles for a shawl.


  1. That looks like liquid metal. I'm going to headdesk now for not jumping in and taking part in the SAL.

  2. I spun the cashmere/silk on a 1oz spindle. I'm not sure I'd do it that way if it were just cashmere, I'd probably use a supported spindle for that. But you're experienced, and you use a wheel, right? So I don't think you have to be scared of it!

  3. That is pretty! It's shiny and beautiful.

  4. Oh man, I love the sheen on that! Beautiful!



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