Wednesday, March 03, 2010

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming

i've been away because i've had a debilitating headache since Friday. that is all.
Crazy Batt 2ply
2ply heavy worsted weight handspun from these two batts plus 2 others that were not photographed
kettle dyed romney and fawn alpaca locks
bamboo viscose
sari silk
carded once on my strauch finest
spun short-forward draw, soaked and thwacked to finish
Crazy Batt 2ply
i'm pleasantly surprised that the yarn ended up not completely heinous. i was thinking about making my mom a funky hat. she seems to like things like that. the yarn feels reasonably soft, which was another surprise. some of the romney felt positively scratchy and the angelina doesn't help. the bamboo is very soft and silky and the silk is well, silky. and the alpaca is powdery soft. i wish i had more of the alpaca, actually.

i have some white cria locks that i might try to card next to make a luxury blend. maybe...the headache thing kind of scared me and i'm taking it easy for awhile craftwise.


  1. I love your new yarn. It will make a super hat! Headaches can really interfere with ones life. Hope you'll be O.K. now.

  2. That yarn looks much better than the batts did. Hee hee.

    Glad you're feeling better.



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