Friday, February 05, 2010

Swap! Part II

and now for probably way too many pictures:
Sunset Fibers Club 09/09
this pin-drafted merino from sunset fibers was a dream to spin.
Chain-plied Merino from Sunset Fibers
but the lime/yellow/tan colors were pretty harsh. my swap partner prefers warm autumnal tones, so i dipped it into an brown/red acid dye bath.
Chain-plied Merino from Sunset Fibers
and came up with this, which was muuuuch better.
491yds/112g, fingering weight chain-plied
spun longdraw, fulled to finish
i really abused it during finishing, as i dyed and then fulled the yarn. the strands were really stuck together, but when i reskeined there was this beautiful velvety texture to the yarn.
Citron: Ellie outtake
Pattern: Citron from Knitty
Yarn: aforementioned merino handspun
Needles: #7 knitpicks harmonies
Started: January 4, Finished: January 9
Citron from knitty
so everybody and their brothers have knit this, and i don't really have anything new to add. i was running really low on yarn so i bound off before completing the final ruffle. my yarn varied between fingering to sport weight, so i wish i had gone up another needle size, but i think it worked out ok. i actually didn't much mind the boringness as it went pretty quickly and it was fun to watch the stripes unfold in my handspun. i would do another one if it were also multi-colored, but not any time soon.

i also carded 4.5oz of corriedale/tencel/firestar batts for my partner but naturally i was running out of time and completely forgot about pictures. i still have a lot to learn about my drum carder and dyeing locks but i'm getting there.


  1. hey, it wasn't too many pictures -- what a change from the fiber to the yarn you spun to dyeing to the finished citron! lucky swap partner-- it all looks great! :)

  2. I love the yarn after it's acid bath! Nice Citron!

  3. That is a beautiful Citron! I love it. The things you received from your swap partner are very pretty too :)

  4. I like the evolution there!

    I'm blocking my citron tonight. Meh.

  5. Oooh, that is a gorgeous Citron.

  6. Nice transformation!
    Somehow Citron never made it on my in queue - thanks!



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