Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring Dreams

it was 16 degrees when i got up this morning. i am more than ready for spring.
Gale's Art Swirl BFL
Gale's Art Swirl BFL in Spring Dreams
2ply, dk weight, spun in fractal stripes
short-forward draw, soaked and thwacked to finish
Gale's Art Swirl BFL
i was aiming for worsted weight but didn't quite make it. i used the lowest ratio to spin the singles and the highest to ply. the yarn is nice and bouncy at least.
Gale's Art Swirl BFL
i tend to forget about BFL as it's kind of a vanilla option, but i do really like how much sheen it has, and gale's art has especially nice BFL.


  1. Very pretty yarn and I love the birdy fabric :)

  2. Beautiful yarn! I like BFL better than Merino. Merino is so flat, and I like shiny. Even a little luster in fiber is better than flat.

  3. Beautiful spring colors - I'm a BFL lover too!



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