Thursday, February 25, 2010


Crown Mountain Farms Fiber Club
i finished spinning my CMF club finn
colorway: eire
3ply light fingering
spun longdraw, soaked and thwacked to finish
Crown Mountain Farms Fiber Club February
this was my first time spinning finn. i really love how bouncy it is and how it just wanted to be a 3ply sock yarn. i have quite a bit of singles leftover, but i stopped plying because i was tired and didn't feel like dividing the remainder.

i think i finally managed to overply a yarn. it's a bit twisty and firmer than i'd like but not terrible. spicy will be a lucky guy--i am tempted to "accidentally" make socks that are too small to fit him.


  1. This sock yarn turned out beautifully!

  2. ooooo, this is really pretty. You got a 3-ply long draw fingering weight?! that's awesome I just learned the long draw and have a ways to go before moving out of worsted 2-ply with the method.

  3. Holy crap that's gorgeous. Maybe I'll do some spinning on my snow day.

  4. Those sure are going to be some pretty socks!
    My Finn is still in fiber form (a pretty colorway called Peace of Mind). Maybe it will be socks someday...



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