Friday, February 26, 2010

crazy batt time

this morning i got ready for work and stepped outside my door. down the porch steps i went tentatively. when my feet touched the ground, they immediately sank over a foot into the snow. this is how i knew that it wasn't going to be a pleasant walk to work. probably about a mile of my route did not have the sidewalks plowed so i had to walk in the street and cross my fingers that i didn't get hit by a car. fortunately i'm still alive so it all worked out. i passed some guy who was stuck on a side street and was busily chatting away on his cell phone (which is illegal here, btw). i wondered to myself if he would get unstuck more quickly if he weren't on the phone and instead concentrated on driving, but hey--to each his own.

i am well aware that the following looks completely hideous, which is partially (mostly?) true. thanks to the craptastic weather the lighting was very poor and it's difficult to capture anything that sparkles adequately but yes, these batts are probably not going to win any beauty contests.
Crazy batt
Snobby Spinners group is doing a batt spinalong. always on the lookout for more opportunities to use my carder, i gathered a bunch of supplies i had on hand to try it out.

i carded 4 batts one time each. contents are dyed romney and alpaca locks, sari silk, angelina, and bamboo viscose. i tried a few different carding techniques as i'm still trying to get the hang of it. for example, the one on the left has fibers stacked across the drum vertically (so a little red, a little white, a little blue, etc) and the one on the right has been layered on the drum (so a layer of black romney, a layer of angelina, a layer of sari silk, etc). i had a lot of bamboo left at the end which is why the top layer of bamboo is so dazzlingly white.
Crazy batt
these are the same batts from a different angle.
Crazy batt singles
i was too eager to see how it would spin up, so i spun the first two batts without photographing them. here are the singles. i spun a thick n thin single short-forward draw on the lowest ratio. i'm planning to do a traditional 2ply. spicy saw the silver sparkles and said, "that looks like something you're making for me!" i'm guessing he was kidding. i told him it was an experimental lesson and i think he understood.

i'll probably do some more carding in march. i want to card something less ugly and more intentional and try some new art yarn techniques.

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  1. I like the funkiness!

    I had the same experience today. If only I could have walked to work. Grr.



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