Wednesday, February 03, 2010


This fiber
Hello Yarn Merino
became this yarn:
Hello Yarn Merino in Briny
Hello Yarn Merino in Briny
2ply, heavy worsted weight, 269yds/103g
spun short-forward draw in fractal stripes
soaked and thwacked to finish
Hello Yarn Merino in Briny
i split the top in half lengthwise and spun one half from end to end. the other half i further split lengthwise into 8 strips (but i only ended up spinning 7). i wasn't very good at splitting the top equally, so the second bunch had a lot more fiber than the first. i have a nice chunk leftover for scrap spinning at a later date.
Hello Yarn Merino in Briny
i used the lowest ratio on my wheel and tried to concentrate on spinning thick. it was a challenging experiment but worth it in the end. i plied at a much higher ratio, but i still could've used a bit more plying twist. the yarn is bouncy and so so soft. there's merino, and then there's Merino, ya know? i wouldn't hesitate to get more of this. in fact, i'd love to have enough to make a sweater.

i think this skein is destined to be a scarf or cowl. definitely something next to the skin.


  1. Shiny! You're so good. I start off trying to spin all deliberately then just take off balls to the walls!

  2. That 1st close up is sooooo pretty - such beautiful color play!



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