Monday, February 08, 2010

Better than a box?

I've been meaning to get out of my sewing rut for many months now but I couldn't quite do it. i finally bought a bunch of sewing books for inspiration and some new fabric and dusted off the machine.
Better than a box
This is the "better than a box" cat bed from one yard wonders. the fabric is quilting cotton from sewmamasew. the cat is Wyatt.
Better than a box
at first none of the cats liked the bed at all. it was stuffed much fuller than this because somehow i got it into my brain that i needed 3 lbs of fiberfill. i bought two 32oz bags and had used a minute portion of the first bag to fill the bed nearly full. i was extremely confused as to why it was so puffy though i had but a small fraction of stuffing in there. then i actually read the directions and realized that i'd made the part about the quantity required up. so now i have giant bags of poly fiberfill and nothing to use it for. maybe i'll take up toy-making or something.

anyway, i took out about half the stuffing and it looked much more like a cat bed and less like a fishy marshmallow. i bribed them with catnip and now it's officially a kitty bed.
not to be outdone, spicy made his own box out of the styrofoam that came with his new planer. ellie approves.


  1. Ha ha! See my cats would totally dig the Spicy bed more than the box I slaved over the sewing machine for. Gah. But they're cute, so I'll keep them anyway.

    I'm very impressed they like it! They're a hard crowd to please!

    And you'd be surprised how often I use fiberfill...I like to have at least a small bag around.

  2. Wyatt! Spicy! Cute fishy fabric! There is so much goodness in this post.

    I haven't sewn in months; I really miss it.

  3. Is Spicy really male? Love the fishy cat bed.



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