Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Babydoll Top

One of the books I purchased recently is Chic and Simple Sewing. i tried out the Babydoll Top with some Moda quilting cotton that i bought while vacationing in Maine.
Babydoll Top from Chic & Simple SewingBabydoll Top from Chic & Simple Sewing
i made the smallest size with no modifications, except that i cut the fabric against the grainline, so that the stripes would be vertical instead of horizontal (not that you can tell that there are any stripes in these photos). the fabric isn't as thick as some other quilting cottons i've used, so i thought that it would drape well, but it still hangs pretty stiffly. this top would probably look better in a silky fabric.
Babydoll Top from Chic & Simple Sewing
i like the book because the designs are almost brainless but they're still pretty. many of the sewing details i've gotten used to seeing are omitted, like turning the yoke facing under and topstitching to hide the seam. this book just tells you to gather and sew the yoke and facing to the skirt, which i did because i was too lazy to do it the other way. the instructions are pretty easy to follow, so it would be great for beginners. oh, except that there are no cutting layouts, which isn't a problem for me but might be for some. and the book only goes up to a size 12, i think.

if you like fitted patterns, this is not the book for you. zippers do not make an appearance at all, and most of the tops and dresses have a loose, simple shape. i'm ok with it because i'm all about the comfort these days and don't really care if i appear to be wearing a mumu in public.

i want to try the plaid dress next. i have some plaid in my stash that has been around forever. yay sewing!

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  1. It's cute! But yeah, drapier. I tried a top this weekend too. Knit fabric is EVIL.



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